Saturday, March 5, 2011

" Cream Roll Laya huuuunnn !"

Unlike Delhi... Street food in Gurgaon is pretty uncommon... U really don get too many redhi/ thela wallas here... So the sight of this Cream roll guy made me jump with joy...

Cream roll was somethin we used to enjoy as kids.. a small little sweet treat fresh from the bakery...Its simply: Light Whipped cream stuffed into puff pastry rolls.. But that got taken over by the packaged cartons of cream wafers and stuff like that. Not as fresh and light as we used to get. and definately not at that price.

This guy, is one of the 120 ppl employed at a Ghaziabad bakery, who is given a 100 rolls to sell during the day and get back with the cash or the left over rolls. He catches the metro with his box well packed in a steel briefcase, gets off at the Sikanderpur station and leaves his briefcase there, and roams around satisfying many a sweet tooth.

I found him screaming at the top of his voice, " Cream roll laya huunnn" near the Sikanderpur metro station where all the wicker Furniture guys are. To tell you the truth at first i dint expect it to be any great, thought it wouldn be fresh and would have an overdose of sugar like most Delhi sweets are. But no! It was soooo light, the puff pastry so crisp and it was just right on the sweetness meter... It was DIVINE. Bliss at Rs. 5/-

I couldn resist: I bought 2 more :)

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