Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kakori ki kasam. Bas meri khatir.

Who knew that an 8x8 shop on the pavement of a busy Lodhi road could churn out the best kakori kebabs in the city. Sab ki khatir, an inspired version of the very famous Aap ki khatir restaurant, is a must visit for all grubbers. A perfect drive in sort of place, where the guys are ready to serve you in the car as well. But trust me, get out and smell the aroma. Engulf in the charry goodness of the meat on the seekhs. Crack a conversation with the guy behind the burning coal and then just wait for him to serve u the most tender, succulent and literally melt in the mouth kakori. The first thing that hits u even before u realise its meat that u are consuming is the strong yet soothing flavors of the spices. A level of culinary excellence( speaks the chef within me).
I strongly beleive that there is just that one dish, one recipe that stands out at every grubbers point. And kakori it is for Sab ki Khatir.
Wipe down the guilt with a phirni. Its as good as the one you would find at Matia mahal, if not better.


  1. I had gone down to Aap ki Khatir a few months ago. Unfortunately the shop was closed (I don't know why.) Good to hear it is up and running.

    1. Apologies for the late reply... but I speak bout Sab ki Khatir. Aap ki khatir's counterpart... Do check it out.. its on the same road as The India Habitat center. Small and tiny but just aweseome...