Monday, December 26, 2011

Lakhan ki chai te Ravi di half fry...

Every locality has one such place for sure. We used to call it the paada culture in Calcutta where such adda's could be found everywhere.
A place where one could leave behind all the worries and holdrums of life and enjoy a cup of tea with mere strangers who would soon end up being your company for life.
And of no co incidence I was introduced to this place by a Bangali. So lets just call him Bangali from now on. Nestled in a corner in the HUDA sector 57 market is this Lakhan ki dukaan. All he has is a wooden bench for him to call his shop. Though it sure helps for a fast escape when the Huda officers create a rampage. Wat I really love of the so called ambience is the inverted wooden cupboard for ppl to sit on and the typical tea glasses that he has.
Well his tea is sure a hit for the number of ppl that he serves daily is mindboggling. Loaded with ginger, and cardamom, and super hot its a blessing in this season of the chill. Though a lil high on sugar for me it sure gives many a sugar rush. Something as simple as tea starts many a conversations here.
The grub here includes all the staple junk one could ask for. From every variety of maggi to anything and everything one could do with eggs. But on top of the list is the half fry. Fried in butter, nutralite mind you, sandwiched between two innocent slices of butter fried breads, are two peeking little yolks, bright as sunshine looking out of the clouds on a dreary day. Cooked so perfectly that it oozes out on your first bite only to make you lick your fingers as it trickles down. And don worry no one here is about to judge you. You know why??? Coz they all do the same. Thats the fun of an adda. The comfort of a place where your seats always booked, your tea is always like u want it, the grubs perfect, and no ones judging. 

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