Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jing gave a Bad Sting...

I dunno why I even end up going to these restaurants. I guess with the faith that someday i'll end up liking this, so to say fine dining restaurant cuisine. I have no idea how this place could have been nominated for the best Chinese in town, in line with Hao shi Nian Nian and similar.

Having had amazing pork ribs at Dilli haat for lunch we decided to go a lil sophisticated for dinner. Unfortunately the only thing that was worth the exuberant amount we paid was the ambiance and the service.

The food aint even worth a mention. Street food grub tastes better. But then I gotta mention the disaster here.

We ordered for Cajun Lamb: trust me it tasted like Chinese Van food (Bad Chinese van food) ... and even the Van guys give larger portions. Presentation of food was like ancient with carrot flowers and extinct things like that. Embarrassing.

Then came the Pork Bao... Yuck. All I could taste was the dough. Which was sweet. an inch of a layer of dough and stuffing like the size of a three tiny peanuts to be precise. Pork or pork waste we wouldn have realised in that quantity.

We finally decided to be safe and order chicken.Hoping no one could go wrong with that. Well we were proved soooo wrong. We ordered for chicken wings and the meat quality was so bad that it left behind such a foul taste that we wasted everything.

Being tortured with food and ending up wasting so much we decided to skip the main course( which i believe is made with the cheapest of cuts in a Chinese restaurant: best to avoid after such an experience) and move to desserts. Have had amazing date pancakes in many a Chinese restaurants and its something I look forward to. Hats off to JING to ruining that tooo... The portion size was minuscule, the ice cream scooper was small enough to scoop potatoes, and the pancakes tasted of burnt dates.

To finish off this severely tormenting experience came the Fortune cookie which spelled " You will never forget this Experience".

I sure do agree.