Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bangali Adda

"Kotto eta" ---- How much for that?

"Baro taka" ---- 12 bucks

" Chho takae ekta luchi deben?" ---- Will u gimme 1 puri for 6 bucks....?

Somethin my dad overheard at C R Park. A typical Bengali conversation. Its fantastic how a Bengali uncle would go up to a vegetable vendor and buy exactly what he needs for dinner. Its true. What a simple lifestyle. No wastage. Not too many choices to confuse and best of all fresh...

Chit park is like a tiny Calcutta, relaxed, self suficient and a cultural hub in the middle of a fast paced Delhi. Its amazing how in this limited amount of space they have set up their very own city. A veggie place selling every fruit and veggie u would get in Calcutta, a Smelly Fishy place, a row serving all the various cutlets and chops and fish frys and egg rolls, a tiny shop selling the freshest notun gud ever, another having every bengali movie on disk... you name it they have it... and they play it loud and clear.

So taking the opportunity since we were at GK 2 , we took off to CR Park for breakfast at DADU CUTLET SHOP.... loads of choices, as u can see.

But we were here for breakfast, so what better than to have the perfect luchi and aaloo bhaaji... Its the Calcuttan reply to Delhi's Chholey Bhature breakfast. And may I add, what an Answer !

Though I would have prefered Alu dom instead, the preperation was fine. Not something I would put on my top 10, but worth visiting since such simple Bangali food aint available real easy here in Delhi. By the end, it did take me back to the simple Bong fare that i have had back in the City of Joy, so it was a meal worth mentioning....

Next time hope to try out the chops, rolls and cutlets. Care to join?

Where: Chittranjan Park
When : Breakfast : 7-10
How Much: Rs. 10/ plate ( Even the rates are Calcuttan)

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