Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hazari Ke Pohe!!

India is an absolutely fantastic country; its diversity in every respect is a wonderful and exciting phenomenon. Every place has it own unique flavours and recipes. Who had ever heard of a town called Banswara?? Well I definitely had not!!! It is this small little place in the southern-most district of Rajasthan with the same name. Unfortunately, despite being in Rajasthan it is hardly Rajasthani in its look and feel. But then there is one thing to its credit-- the spiciest and definitely one of the tastiest Poha ever.

My taste buds are not very happy with mirchi wala khanna. I like it (sometimes) but it creates havoc in my mouth . Yet the attraction toward the havoc is such that I find myself eating it over and over, which has led me to sample this spicy dish a couple of time during my 14-day stay at Banswara.

Perfect haldi, lots of hari dhaniya, rai, pyaz, the perfect pinch of salt and lots of chill and pepper creates the magic for the Hazari Poha. So popular is it that people often visit the shop late at night (after 11 pm) to enjoy a plate of freshly made poha.

If you want to enjoy the poha in the comfort of your house you can get it packed too. Wrapped in a piece of newspaper just adds to the desiness of this snack. It is an absolutely fabulous flavour that will definitely stay with you for a long time and you would want more and more of it. So next time at Banwara, you absolutely must try Hazari ke Pohe if you haven’t already!

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